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Discover the surprising truth about what creates and destroys peak-performing teams.

Teams power the majority of work around the world, yet lack of effective collaboration is a leading cause of workplace failure. Dr. Britt Andreatta synthesizes the latest findings from neuroscience and what differentiates high-performing teams from the rest. Wired to Connect  provides a new understanding of how unconscious bias, inclusion, trust, and purpose impact teams and how you can create the necessary conditions for true collaboration and team excellence. Whether you're a team member or leader, in one building or in different time zones and countries, this book offers a new model and useful strategies you can implement today to consistently create peak-performing teams.

"In this team-focused era, Andreatta's new model shows how true collaboration lives at the intersection of inclusion, purpose, and trust. Her insights in Wired to Connect will give you practical strategies for creating and maintaining high-performing teams." ~ Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative, Author of The Purpose Economy

"Wired to Connect is an extraordinary book. Solidly grounded in the latest academic research, it manages to be immensely practical at the same time. Managers in every sector will benefit from Andreatta's new model and following her advice, using brain science to everyone's advantage." ~ Dr. Amy C. Edmondson, Author of Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy

"With a balance of compelling and timely research and practical tools, Wired to Connect offers a holistic framework for building great teams and inclusive cultures. Britt's command of today's workplace challenges makes her work a must-read for talent strategists and business leaders." ~ Dr. Kelly McGill, Culture and Inclusion, Amazon

"Andreatta's enthusiasm may...prove contagious for her target audience, encouraging them to apply her advice to their own workplace teams." ~ Publisher Weekly

Dr. Britt Andreatta is an internationally recognized thought leader who creates science-based solutions for today's challenges. She draws on her unique background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and education to unlock the best in people and organizations. She has over 25 years of experience consulting with executives from all types of organizations.


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