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Around the world, people's quest for purpose is at an all-time high. Wired to Become meets the moment with new findings in the science of becoming our best selves and why purpose and meaningful work are critical for our physical and emotional health. Dr. Andreatta examines the pandemic's cultural and personal impact and crafts a new understanding of why society is forever changed and how to benefit. She offers tools you can use to explore and clarify your own purpose and professional journey, plus concrete strategies for building purpose-driven organizations—the future of work.

"While the library of books on purpose is large and ever expanding, Dr. Britt Andreatta makes an invaluable contribution through Wired to Become by integrating the extant research in this burgeoning field and presenting it in a coherent, compelling, practical, and highly readable way. If you use this brilliant book as a guide, you and your business will be transformed." ~ Dr. Raj Sisodia, FEMSA Distinguished University Professor of Conscious Enterprise, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

"Wired to Become is an incredibly relevant and thorough examination of the need, not just for purpose, but for meaning in today’s world. Dr. Andreatta’s book is filled with insights and strategies to help us further embed purpose into our work and lives and is enlivened by numerous stories from individuals finding—and growing into—their purpose. Thanks for the inspiration, Britt!" ~ Rick Lozano, author of Acoustic Leadership: Develop a Leadership Culture That Resonates

"There have been major advances in our understanding of purpose and meaning at work over the last five years. Andreatta distills the research down to make it immediately accessible and actionable, so we can find fulfillment in our lives and work." ~ Aaron Hurst, founder of Taproot Foundation, Imperative, and Purpose Mindset, and author of The Purpose Economy